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Case Studies

See the GREENCROWN Difference at Work

In 2018, Lancaster Brewing was seeking energy cost savings and sustainability measures for their brewery and three tap rooms. In the hypercompetitive world of brewing, they needed a portfolio-wide strategy to reduce electricity and natural gas expenses, while also reducing their carbon footprint and driving awareness around their sustainability initiatives.

In 2012, Retro Fitness was seeking an exclusive energy management partner to help their 140+ member locations, manage their electricity supply bills and fitness club lighting needs. In the hyper competitive world of health and fitness, they needed a solution for club owners that would drive operational expense reduction so they could continue to offer a great member experience at a low price.

Advance Realty was seeking an energy management advisor that would help reduce energy spend for their growing 15 million square ft real estate portfolio of mixed-use assets. Beyond energy supply and efficiency savings, they were looking for an advisor that could help streamline reporting for their portfolio, and offer support for their Advance to Green sustainability initiative.

Lia Automotive Group was seeking a comprehensive energy management solution. Their goal was to obtain more competitive energy supply rates, identify a software solution to make tracking energy spend and conservation across their 22-locations easier, and explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

 FNRP was in the midst of a significant growth period, and needed help structuring a sustainable energy management plan to support 2-3 property acquisitions/month. The FNRP team wanted a tool to enable instant insights into asset performance across their portfolio, and a partner to help them leverage their buying power to drive energy supply and lighting savings. 

In 2019, Class B Office building in Moorestown, New Jersey needed an energy management partner to help reduce energy spend for their large office building and wanted to ensure that the improvements would help them operate more sustainably.

Provident Bank was seeking a comprehensive energy management solution. Their goal was to obtain more competitive energy supply rates, identify a software solution to make tracking energy spend and conservation across their 90+ locations easier, and explore ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Lincoln Tech first opened its doors in 1946 and presently occupies 40 acres in Hartford County, Connecticut. This institute is now one of the nation’s leading providers of career training and technical skills and has two facilities located at 97 Newberry Rd, East Windsor, CT and 8 Progress Dr. Shelton, CT. Greencrown Energy & NuWave conducted an energy audit at both Lincoln Tech locations to verify and analyze the current lighting equipment. The team reviewed the survey data and recommended numerous project solutions to meet the demands of the facility.