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Who We Are

Founded in 2007, Greencrown Energy & Water is the nation’s most trusted and professional energy and water advisory firm, specializing in energy supply and turnkey conservation measures. Since its inception, the company has grown into an industry diverse leader and national provider of energy supply, energy efficiency, and conservation solutions servicing small to mid-market and large, enterprise clients.

Our team is led by former supplier-side executives and delivers deep value to customers by lowering utility operating costs, improving stakeholder value, and providing energy management tools to truly streamline energy and utility investment decisions. What we offer beyond traditional energy advisors is beyond just strategy – we ensure execution and measurable results through our proven energy management process.

Let us help you simplify energy management and join our growing family as we reduce energy spend, decrease consumption, and drive sustainability.

The Greencrown Difference

Like the entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs that we serve, our diverse advisory team comes from different walks of life. From commercial real estate, to sports and entertainment, to retail energy supply, we have the knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to review energy management from the owner’s and operator’s perspective, and the proven experience to deliver measurable value.

Our team is united by our common goal to be the nation’s most trusted and professional energy and water advisory firm. What we share beyond that is the desire to identify and resolve energy management issues through our proven process. To learn more about how Greencrown can help your organization reduce operating expenses and promote conservation and sustainability, review our services.