Energy & Water Conservation

Energy Conservation Services

GREENCROWN is the answer for businesses searching for partners to aid them in their energy conservation goals. Our expertise and collaboration with specialists allow us to provide turnkey solutions that reduce operating expenses, increase asset value, and improve net income flow – all while creating aesthetically pleasing results! We have decades of experience working through complex incentives and legislation, making it easy for you; no fuss or guesswork is required.

Our Services


Energy Efficient Lighting


Commercial Solar


Electronically Commutated (EC) Motors


HVAC Efficiency Improvements

Water Conservation

GREENCROWN Water Systems is committed to providing innovative water conservation solutions to the private sector, municipalities, and government entities. Our customized engineering designs can ultimately reduce overall operating costs while helping organizations achieve their LEED points goals. With our passionate team of experts leading the way, we are dedicated to investing in technologies that will drive the efficient use of natural resources for years to come.