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Top Energy Management Consulting Firm | Greencrown Energy & Water: A Leader in Energy Procurement, Efficiency, and Sustainability

About Greencrown:

Greencrown Energy & Water is the nation’s most trusted and professional energy management consulting firm, specializing in energy procurement and turnkey conservation and sustainability measures. Named a top ten company in energy procurement in 2021, 2022 and 2023, Greencrown is an industry leader and national provider of energy supply procurement, energy efficiency, conservation, and sustainability solutions servicing commercial to middle-market and large, enterprise clients.

Our team is led by former supplier-side professionals and delivers deep value to customers by lowering utility operating costs, improving stakeholder value, and providing energy management tools to streamline energy and utility investment decisions. What we offer in addition to traditional energy advisors extends beyond just strategy – we ensure execution and measurable results through our proven energy management process. Work with us to access the creativity of a boutique firm and leverage our experience transacting thousands of times in energy markets.

What we do:

Greencrown simplifies energy management for multi-facility organizations through a comprehensive approach to all things energy. Our business units focus around three pillars or objectives, which are to reduce energy spend, decrease energy consumption, and drive sustainability.

The first of those objectives, or reduce energy spend, is accomplished through energy procurement services, in which we run auction-style RFPs nation-wide to source the most competitive electric and natural gas supply pricing on the market. Our team is comprised of mostly former supplier-side side professionals, so we’re fortunate to have a look behind the curtain when it comes to the factors that impact energy pricing, and experience structuring products and agreements. This is our core business and we were recently named a top ten energy procurement company in the country for 2021, 2022, and 2023 by Energy Tech Review and Energy Business Review.

To supplement these energy procurement services, Greencrown has a utility data management platform called UtilityROI™. UtilityROI™ is an integrated energy and sustainability management platform that tracks energy data and costs while proving actionable insights and analysis to improve efficiency and reduce spend and carbon emissions. UtilityROI™ is a comprehensive energy and sustainability management platform that solves issues such as high administrative costs that come with manual reporting, siloed data between numerous service providers, difficulty identifying ROI of efficiency projects, and achieving sustainability reporting requirements.

Now beyond energy procurement, and touching upon the decreasing energy consumption objective, Greencrown manages turnkey energy conservation projects including all rebates and project incentives, offers demand response advisory, as well as peak shaving and peak management.

And finally, the third objective, which is to drive sustainability, is achieved through our renewable services. Greencrown consults on ESG initiatives, electric vehicle charging, renewable energy purchases, and solar – with expertise on everything from federal and state tax rebates, structuring debt financing for large scale community solar and PPAs, and so on.

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