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Tim Booth

Director of Sales Operations

With a dynamic energy management career spanning over 15 years, Tim Booth is a seasoned professional in the energy industry. His journey began in 2009 with Shipley Energy, where he swiftly progressed from a natural gas scheduler and residential customer service representative to spearheading Shipley’s foray into electricity brokering.

Tim’s visionary approach led to the creation of the electricity product line, initially branded as EnergyObjective and later rebranded as Shipley Energy Advisors (SEA) in 2023. Under his leadership, SEA expanded to a robust team across four states, serving thousands of commercial and industrial clients. They offered a range of services, including brokered electricity and natural gas, demand-side management, and direct-pay consulting, extending their reach from Texas to New York.

In 2012, Tim also launched Shipley’s entry into residential direct-supply electricity, growing the customer base to nearly 15,000 before refocusing on the brokered business. His passion for solving customer problems, closing deals, and mentoring a dedicated team has been a hallmark of his career.

Tim’s commitment to education and industry standards is evident through his service on the education committee for The Energy Professionals Association (TEPA), where he also served as committee chair for 18 months. He strongly believes in the mantra that a rising tide lifts all ships, advocating for increased knowledge and accountability in the deregulated energy market.

Beyond his professional achievements, Tim is a devoted family man who enjoys quality time with his wife, two boys, and two dogs. He is actively involved in his church and community, and his hobbies include making music, skiing, writing, volunteering, and cheering for Bruce Springsteen and the NFL. Tim also loves bringing people together at every opportunity.

Now, as Greencrown Energy’s Director of Sales Operations, Tim is thrilled to embark on a new chapter, bringing his expertise and enthusiasm to drive the company’s continued growth and success. He looks forward to the next 15+ years of innovation and collaboration at Greencrown Energy as he leads the team in its mission to become the nation’s most trusted and professional energy management firm.