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Provides a Roadmap to be compliant with the Local Law 97 Carbon Emissions Bill Deadline

Iselin, NJ – September 9, 2020 – GREENCROWN Energy & Water, the nation’s most trusted professional energy & water advisory firm, specializing in energy supply & turnkey conservation measures, is excited to announce the launch of its innovative UtilityROI™ software-as-a-service solution for NYC building owners, developers, and managers. The Utility Management Software platform takes the guesswork out of utility data management and monitoring, providing building owners with 24/7 real time monitoring of every meter in each property, through an intuitive and easy to navigate dashboard.

In light of the recent pandemic, GREENCROWN is offering its industry-leading UtilityROI™ software at no cost to its customers for a limited time, in an effort to help properties get a head start on complying with Local Law 97 requirements, which come with stiff penalties if not met on time.

The NYC Carbon Emissions Bill, known as Local Law 97, was implemented to reduce carbon emissions by 40 percent in buildings over 25,000 square feet by 2030, with a ratchet up to 80 percent by 2050. The bill impacts over 57,000 building across NYC. Local Law 97 sets detailed requirements for two initial compliance periods: 2024-2029 and 2030-2034.  Failing to achieve these reduced carbon levels on time comes with costly implications, via a $268 per year penalty for each metric ton that a building’s carbon footprint exceeds the limit.

“Our UtilityROI™ platform is a revolutionary utility software that automates and modernizes the utility monitoring and management process by giving building owners the ability to audit their existing electricity, natural gas, water, & steam consumption in real time,” said Sal Ritorto, Partner & Executive Vice President, GREENCROWN ENERGY & WATER. “This is extremely valuable in making educated decisions for everything related to energy & water, and takes the guesswork out of identifying the easiest and most effective conservation measures a property should implement to meet Local Law 97 requirements, including incentives through government agencies as NYSERDA (New York State Energy Research & Development Authority), which will dramatically enhance project ROI.”

UtilityROI™ also gives properties the ability to immediately quantify and justify their return on investments in conservation measures by providing immediate and real time visibility into their utility savings.

“Utility management can be a very time consuming and overwhelming task, especially with Local Law 97 requirements; there are so many added variables to the energy and utility management equation,” added Ritorto. “GREENCROWN’s experienced specialists have been managing energy & utility portfolios for more than 25 years and have deep supplier & industry relationships. As a result, GREENCROWN and UtilityROI™ will help building owners ensure Local Law 97 compliance by the deadline, and guarantee that all incentives and rebates available to them are identified and captured

  • UtilityROI™ features include (but are not limited to):
  • Customizable Dashboard with 20+ widget options
  • Sustainability – Custom benchmarking comparison of buildings and regions (consumption/demand/cost totals and KPIs)
  • Utility Budgeting – Budget accurately based on proprietary consumption and forecasting algorithm
  • Reporting – Automated monthly reporting and custom report development
  • Measurement & Verification – ASHRAE Guideline 14-2014 & IPMVP Compliant Option B & C as well as verify performance and track ROI
  • Real-time monitoring – Fully leverage real-time data by analyzing it alongside actual utility bill data, identify energy efficiency and savings opportunities
  • For more information about GREENCROWN’s UtilityROI™ Utility Management Platform and to schedule a demo, please call 877-308-2727

About GREENCROWN Energy & Water:

Founded in 2007, GREENCROWN Energy & Water has become a diverse industry leader and national provider of energy supply, energy efficiency, and conservation solutions. From Fortune 500 to small business, GREENCROWN serves as an unbiased advocate for their customers as they help decrease energy spend, reduce energy consumption, and drive sustainability and conservation measures. To learn how they can be a valuable asset to your organization, call GREENCROWN at 877-308-2727 or visit

Media Contact:
Candace Vadnais
[email protected]

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