For building owners and management professionals interested in taking control and reining in their electricity and gas outlay over the long term, Green Crown Energy will be unveiling the latest on-site Cogeneration (CHP) information, as well as other Energy Conservation Measures, at the North Jersey Buildings & Facility Maintenance Show at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus on Oct. 30.

The popular industry show brings together hundreds of professionals responsible for managing or maintaining industry, manufacturing, material handling, commercial, educational, health care, office, government and rental buildings from North Jersey to metropolitan New York.

Energy detectives help building owners stem tide of rising gas and electric prices in New York and New Jersey.

According to Paul Errigo, one of the foremost energy experts on the East Coast, GreenCrown Energy will be discussing Cogeneration and numerous other cost-cutting energy conservation measures for properties, including properly negotiated electric and gas contracts, lighting, water, HVAC, demand response, solar and many more. “There are also substantial incentives available for all conservation measures, which will have an immediate impact on the bottom line,” he noted.

“Building professionals are tired of being tethered to an increasingly vulnerable U.S. Power Grid,” said Errigo. “Rising energy rates, deep-freeze winters and a Power Grid that the government has acknowledged is a potential target for terrorists, are leading building owners to learn more about the practicality of turnkey cogeneration systems for a wide range of applications.”

Given the efficiency of today’s advanced CHP technology, there’s never been a better way to control rising energy costs in buildings, Errigo believes. In addition to helping to substantially hold down energy costs, Cogen is a superior backup power choice compared with often-balky diesel-powered generators. “Reliable backup power has become a huge priority for hospitals and health care facilities, especially after so many diesel-powered generators failed during Hurricane Sandy,” he explained.

Many attendees at the North Jersey Buildings & Facility Maintenance Show may be surprised to learn that Cogeneration can actually cut total energy costs by 40 to 60 percent, Errigo pointed out. “Additionally, Green Crown Energy is usually able to leverage government incentives and strategic partnerships to further maximize savings through various strategies and special programs,” he said.

Another opportunity Errigo plans to present to interested professionals is the Green Crown Energy Power Purchase Agreement. “Our clients love this option, because it enables them to reap all of the benefits of Cogeneration with absolutely no capital outlay or ongoing operating costs for 15 years. That means no more replacement or repair of boilers, chillers, water heaters, cooling towers and water pumps. The client pays only for the energy used, which is an obvious boon for cash flow, budgeting and forecasting.”

Errigo expects large crowds at the show’s Green Crown Energy display. “There’s no doubt that saving money and having access to a reliable energy supply is of paramount interest to building owners,” he noted. “We’re fortunate to have some of the top experts on the subject on staff, and they’ll be on hand at our display to answer questions or schedule free consultations.”

And Cogeneration isn’t all about saving money, he asserted. “It’s fantastic for building owners who want to reduce their company’s carbon footprint because it’s a very green way to attain power,” Errigo said. “Thanks to Cogen, many of our clients now have buildings that have been certified ‘green,’ and that’s a positive story to share with their customers.”

For more information about how you can lower your company’s energy bills, visit the Green Crown Energy display at booth #312, go to or call 877-308-2727.

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