Energy Services / Measurement & Verification/ROI

Measurement and Verification demonstrates how much energy one of our prescribed emerging technologies has avoided using, in addition to the total cost saved. The Measurement and Verification process enables the energy savings delivered by the Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) to be isolated and objectively evaluated.

Various protocols for good practice in Measurement and Verification exist, including the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), which defines common terminology and the key steps in implementing a robust M&V process.

A key part of the M&V process is the development of an ‘M&V Plan’, which defines how the savings analysis will be conducted before the ECM is implemented. This provides a degree of objectivity that is absent if the savings are simply evaluated after implementation.  M&V is a critical component in conducting a true Return on Investment (ROI) analysis on a client’s ECM implementation and sustainability plan.

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