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GCE is highly experienced and extremely successful in working with local and national organizations to secure the lowest pricing available at the best possible agreement terms.

As you know, there are many energy “brokers” claiming they can lower your energy bills.  While it may be true that some might be able to lower your price, GCE clients are confident that they secured the absolute best energy rates the industry has to offer at the absolute best agreement terms.

Specialization & Qualification
GREENCROWN Energy (GCE) is an Energy Advisory firm specializing in Energy Supply.  Our specialty is price and terms, not consumption.  GCE is one of the very few firms who are actually licensed as an Energy Agent, Energy Consultant, and a Private Aggregator; and we are an accredited business by the BBB.  We are also members in good standing with The Energy Professionals Organization (TEPA).

Our Chief Procurement Officer has over 20 years of experience in the energy markets.  Our CPO personally manages and oversees all key client purchases and contracts, for which your organization would qualify.

Terms and Condition Experts
GCE has proven to be an industry leader in understanding what is important for our clients when it comes to identifying and negotiating key contract terms and conditions.  We do this both on a national and local level.

GCE invests the time to educate ourselves on our clients’ industry, their individual energy needs and usage patterns, the unique nuances of their organization’s goals, asset intentions, and many additional key factors plays a vital role in our process.

GCE clients are never burdened with hidden or unexpected fees, as many businesses have experienced in the past.  Most energy consultants and ESCOs pay very little attention to how a customer actually uses natural gas and electricity, the terms of the agreement, their peak demands, bandwidth provisions, add/deletes, terminations, etc.  In the end, seemingly stellar rates are often overshadowed by the devil in the details.

Strategic Relationship Pricing (SRP)
GCE does much more than operate a “reverse pricing auction”.  GCE creates competition among multiple ESCOs for both pricing and terms, and we leverage our relationships and aggregate purchasing power to deliver unmatched results.
We execute a proprietary platform we call Strategic Relationship Pricing (SRP).  We personally engage these companies to create competition and negotiate the rates and terms on your behalf, ensuring that our clients receive the best price at the best terms.  No Surprise Fees or Tariffs.

GCE has long standing and trustful relationships with most local and national energy supply companies; however we do not have allegiance to or represent any single one of them exclusively.  GCE is considered a “Power Advisor” because of our voluminous portfolio with every one of these companies, and they aggressively compete daily for our business.

Client to ESCO Direct Sales
Clients sometimes believe that they can get a better “rate” by going to an ESCO directly.  This strategy is never in a client’s best interest, because there is no competition and the client pays retail.  Supply companies sell energy for the highest price they can because they are in the business to sell energy.  Additionally, their “sales-reps” are usually not energy experts; they are hired to push their company’s product for the highest price they can.  With an ESCO direct, there is no way could a client ever be certain that they secured the best rates available at the best terms and conditions.

Regardless of an individual client or organizations energy volume, GCE controls a much larger portfolio, and ESCOs are always looking to gain our favor and win our clients’ business.

Market Monitoring
GCE continually monitors the energy markets and utility zones on a daily basis to advise our clients of the best time to secure, renew, or extend agreements to take advantage of market swings and/or preferred initiatives that may arise in certain areas or with specific energy supply companies.

Technology & Decisions
GCE has made a substantial investment of time, money, and resources into creating and operating a custom intelligence software system.  Our proprietary system continually gathers and monitors our clients’ energy usage, property locations, energy zones, contract expiration dates, and other pertinent information, assisting us in making intelligent and timely energy decisions and purchases; allowing us to take advantage of industry trends and opportunities, and ultimately resulting in exceptional pricing at favorable terms and conditions for our clients.

Special Opportunities
Energy purchasing is similar to other industries in regard to the fact that an ESCO can occasionally make a bad purchase, or have an “over stock” of inventory.  When this happens, an ESCO may need to very quickly and discretely “dump” a large volume of energy at a below market rate.  When this rare occurrence happens, they immediately look to their trusted relationships and “Power Advisors” to liquidate their inventory.  This is an area where we can provide great value to our clients if and when these events happen and if the timing is right; and it does happen occasionally.

Analysis and Reporting
Utility bills have historically been inaccurate, producing significant over charges for end users.  GCE analyzes our clients’ utility bills to ensure accuracy in billing, pricing, and consumption.
GCE also provides quarterly analysis reports so clients know how their energy purchases are performing compared to the utility markets.

Relationship and Partnership
True value and trust is achieved through long time relationships.  It is GCE’s mission to develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with all of our client partners, and we look forward to developing this same relationship with you and GREENCROWN Energy.

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