COGEN / High Rise and Residential

High Rise and Residential

Using Cogeneration (COGEN) in high rise and residential buildings is a more cost efficient way to operate the facilities. Not only does it reduce the cost to operate, it reduces the carbon footprint on the environment. Because high rise and residential buildings are in constant need of heat, A/C, and electricity, they are a great candidate for a COGEN system.

Economic Benefit

The operation costs of high rise buildings and large residential developments can see as much as 50%  saving year after year when switched over to a cogeneration system. GREENCROWN Energy offers free online evaluations to our potential customers. If you have specific questions about our systems and how we can help you, please call us at 1-877-308-2727.


greenEnvironmental Benefit

With an ever increasing responsibility to protect our environment, our customers rest easy knowing they have reduced the amount of carbon emissions by installing a cogeneration system. And because this reduction in carbon emissions comes with a significant savings in operation costs, it is a sensible way to contribute to your company’s own green initiative.

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