Belleville, New Jersey – With the pool of available monies for funding more efficient Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plants in the state dwindling, GREENCROWN Energy — a full-service energy consulting company specializing in energy supply cost reduction and turnkey cogeneration systems development — has announced an aggressive new Power Purchase Agreement Program designed to assist businesses making the conversion to on-site cogeneration power plants in 2014.

“The Green Crown Energy Power Program enables clients to take full advantage of government funds and incentives still available, while offering guaranteed savings without any capital outlay,” said Paul Errigo, director of business development for GREENCROWN Energy.

“There’s no doubt about it, with nuclear power plants closing and on-site power production on the rise, the financial and environmental benefits of cogeneration are the future. And as a result of increased demand and heightened awareness, the government simply won’t feel compelled to offer special incentives much longer.”

GREENCROWN Energy announces new Power Purchase Agreement Program.

GREENCROWN Energy announces new Power Purchase Agreement Program.

One of the more popular features of the Green Crown Energy Power Program, Errigo said, is the fact that companies can have their boilers, chillers, water heaters, cooling towers and any water pumps replaced without spending a dime. “This is ideal for buildings that don’t have the available funds to replace their equipment, but must continue to spend money to repair old, inefficient equipment year after year,” he explained. “Let’s face it, everyone can find better uses for this capital than spending it on repairs and upgrades, and we’re pleased to give them that flexibility.”

Companies interested in moving into cogeneration should be able to pay for only the energy they use, Errigo believes. “With this new program, a client pays monthly for the energy produced on site at a guaranteed discount of between 5 and 15 percent,” he noted.

“That means as soon as a business starts its on-site cogeneration power plant, it begins realizing enhanced cash flow and increased net income right away!”

GREENCROWN’s Energy Power Purchase Agreement Program comes at a critical time, he added, because government incentives won’t last forever. “Incentives are extremely attractive right now, so we highly recommend any business considering converting to cogeneration do so while state funds for alternative energy programs are still available,” he advised.

Errigo and his team are happy to discuss the money-saving details with any business interested in taking advantage of the 2014 Green Crown Energy Power Purchase Agreement Program. “The time to act is now while government incentives for switching to cogen are still available,” he said. “Again, as more businesses understand the value of cogeneration to their bottom lines, the government won’t have to promote cogen any longer and the incentives will dry up.”

For more information on how you can lower your company’s energy bills with the Power Purchase Agreement Program, or for a free consultation, go to the GREENCROWN Energy website or call 877-308-2727.

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