GREENCROWN Energy and LVR Energy & Mechanical have announced a strategic joint partnership, which will apply the experience and expertise of both organizations to deliver a full array of emerging energy solutions to properties nationwide, while bridging the gap between Energy and Mechanical Services.

“We’re very proud that LVR Energy & Mechanical has chosen to partner with us,” said Paul Errigo, director of energy projects at GREENCROWN Energy. “It’s a fantastic fit that complements each of our companies’ strengths in offering nationwide end-to-end energy solutions — including turnkey energy conservation measures (ECMs), emerging energy technologies, energy procurement, mechanical and electrical, and cogeneration systems.”

GREENCROWN is a leading full-service energy advisory firm specializing in energy supply cost-reduction and energy conservation measures, including the development of turnkey cogeneration systems. LVR Energy & Mechanical is known nationally for its patented, market-tested Emerging Technologies providing critical data in the building energy assessment and audit processes, which brings to light energy waste and savings opportunity for a fraction of the time.

The overriding objective for both organizations, Errigo added, is to give their rapidly growing national clientele “every conceivable tool and technological advance they’ll need to enjoy a competitive edge in today’s rapidly changing energy landscape.”

Tom Bennett, president of Energy Services for LVR Energy & Mechanical, also said the coupling couldn’t be better: “Together, we are uniquely positioned to provide the market with the most comprehensive set of vetted emerging technology solutions available, and to make sure they carry the best return on investment for our clients.”

Errigo observed that a great many companies fall behind the energy curve, which is costing them time and money. “When we are commissioned to examine and analyze an organization’s energy usage and needs, we often find that an alarming number of properties are overspending for electricity and gas without realizing it. Many of them can take advantage of the generous federal and state grants and incentives. All of this results in significant, immediate and long term financial and environmental benefits.”

“Very often these businesses are either getting bad advice or are attempting to navigate the intricate energy markets on their own. Both can be very costly,” he continued. “The truth is that businesses actually have more ability to lower their energy costs than they may know.”

The secret, Errigo said, is to make sure their interests are properly represented by true experts in all facets of the energy industry — such as GREENCROWN Energy and LVR Energy & Mechanical.

Errigo said the partnership brings a new level of enhanced client services to GREENCROWN. “Thanks to LVR Energy & Mechanical’s leadership role in the industry, we now have the ability to offer additional benefits through emerging energy technologies.”

According to Errigo, GREENCROWN can now provide expert concept-to-completion project management; audit-and-survey specification; financial analysis; labor and installation; and rebate administration, among other things.

The following are some of GREENCROWN’s additional areas of specialization: lighting retrofits and replacements; demand response programs; HVAC optimization (including refrigeration, ECMs, unit replacement, VFDs, motors and BMS/EMS systems); renewable solar and geothermal services; and water treatment and conservation.

“Given our proven record for lowering clients’ energy bills — along with the many capabilities of LVR Energy & Mechanical now at our disposal — we can supply clients with every conceivable energy tool to stay well ahead of their competition in the area of energy usage,” he concluded.

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GREENCROWN Energy is a nationally known, industry-diverse leader in turnkey energy conservation projects and advisory services for electric and gas procurement. Serving clients both locally and nationally, GREENCROWN provides concept-to-completion project management — including audit and survey, specification, financial analysis, labor and installation (union/nonunion), and rebate administration. GREENCROWN also provides financing and Power Purchase Agreements. The company is brand-agnostic (meaning it is not affiliated with any specific manufacturers), so it is always in the best position to offer the finest, most cost-effective products for any application. GREENCROWN Energy is also known for its lighting retrofits and replacements, demand response programs, HVAC and refrigeration ECMs, unit replacement, VFDs, motors, emerging technology, BMS/EMS systems, and renewable (solar, thermal and geothermal) services.

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