The Capital Region Restaurant Operator’s Cooperative (ROC) has selected GREENCROWN Energy — a leading full-service energy advisory firm specializing in energy supply cost reduction (like lower electricity and gas costs) and energy conservation measures, including turnkey cogeneration systems development — as its preferred vendor for all energy advisory-related services.

Headquartered in Albany, New York, ROC provides independent restaurant operators with competitive supply prices to help level the playing field with large chain operators. “The restaurant industry has always been extremely competitive,” said Nick Papamichael, chief procurement officer at Green Crown Energy. “That’s why an organization like ROC, with its 176 members and $15 million in buying power, is so vital for independent operators competing with large restaurant chains.

“In addition to historically large cost categories — food, beverages, labor — other expenses, including energy, take on heightened importance in the face of growing competition and highly unpredictable gas and electric prices,” he continued. “That’s why we’re proud to have been chosen as a preferred energy vendor for ROC. This is a first class organization that’s totally dedicated to helping its members flourish in the marketplace. We’re going to be doing everything we can to assist them in those efforts in the area of electricity and gas prices.”

One of the best allies for independent restaurant operators interested in holding down energy costs are electricity and gas procurement contracts, according to Papamichael. “When properly negotiated by Green Crown Energy experts, they can provide long-term stability amid rising energy prices,” he said.

Long-term electric and gas procurement contracts enable independent restaurant operators to more accurately budget and plan for the future without having the prospect of energy spikes or horrible winters hanging over their head, Papamichael added.

“As ROC continues to grow and evolve, we are always seeking to align ourselves with companies that can help us grow and provide our members with great value,” said Evan Christou, president of ROC. “Green Crown Energy is certainly one of those companies, and the timing couldn’t be better given the impact of energy prices these days.”

The key to negotiating a great electricity and gas procurement contract, Papamichael says, is taking the time to fully understand the unique energy needs of each restaurant. “Some folks believe they can strike an energy agreement on their own. However, if just one detail is missed or one important question isn’t asked, a seemingly fantastic electricity and gas contract can become a disaster before the ink has dried,” he warned. “You need professionals, such as those at Green Crown Energy who have years of experience, impeccable contacts and expertise.”

GreenCrown Energy is available to help any business sort out its long-term energy needs, Papamichael offered. “Some businesses call us because they want a second opinion before signing a new energy contract. Or perhaps businesses have an expiring energy contract and want to be confident they received competitive pricing with excellent contract terms next time around,” he said. All any business has to do is give us a call and we’re happy to assist.”

For a free consultation on how to cut your company’s energy bills today, including multiple forms of gas and electric procurement programs, contact an energy adviser at or call 877-308-2727.

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