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Take your entrepreneurial skills to the next level and join our elite team of independent energy consultants. Use our program to deliver electric and natural gas cost-savings procurement services to businesses. It’s easier than you think!

Your Journey to Becoming An

Energy Consultant

1. Complete Your Online Profile

We’ll need a few personal details from you – your name, contact information, and experiences, and you’ll need to register to use our web portal. It’s a safe, secure, and fairly painless process!

2. Sign Your Agreements

We have a few agreements for you to sign electronically – an independent contractor agreement, a non-compete, and a Federal W-9. You can review and sign your agreements using your PC, tablet, or cell phone!

3. Complete Training & Certifications

Access our GREENCROWN Energy University and take self-paced eLearning courses to complete part one of your training. Part two will be a meet and greet with your regional manager and a quick check of your knowledge from training to gear you up for selling!

4. Close Deals & Earn Recurring Income!

Now you’re fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and people to help you start closing deals with your clients! Earn commissions from your closed deals and competitions offered to you!

A Note from Paul Errigo, CEO

“We continue to build a nationwide team of independent expert energy consultants, providing them with unparalleled industry training, tools, and support.  This enables our advisors to foster more relationships, and deliver greater long-term client value; thus creating unlimited recurring revenue and financial security. It is our passion to encourage and promote the entrepreneurial spirit, as well as inspire our team to achieve their goals.”

– Paul Errigo, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements to join?

Insert text here explaining the details of what is required to join the program.

What do you mean by 100% Upfront Commission?

The value of your annual commission earned is paid in one lump sum the month following the flow date. EXAMPLE: If a contract value is $100 per month in commission, you will receive one payment up front for $1200.

What do you mean by residual income?

If you keep your client active and you are in good standing as an independent energy consultant with GREENCROWN Energy, you will be paid your annual commission residually each and every year.

When will I get paid?

Commission payments are paid by the 25th of the month following the start date of the contract. For Example: For a start (flow) date of 1/1/18, you as the energy consultant will receive your commission check by 2/25/18.

Am I required to be physically present for training?

The initial part of your training is completed online through our web portal using the GREENCROWN Energy University. You will become an industry expert and understand our processes through this 7-day self-paced process. After you’ve compelted your eLearning you will be required to attend the second part of your training – in person – with your regional manager. If you are unable to attend in person, a webinar option will be available to you.

Does it cost money to join your company?

No! We do not charge you a single cent to join our company and become an energy consultant. All we ask is that you meet the requirements of your agreements – a minimum of 2 closed deals per month.

Are there regional manager opportunities available?

Yes! We are always looking to add talented and motivational regional managers to our growing team.

Do you all offer other services aside from energy procurement?

This program is designed to sell energy and natural gas procurement services only. However, for independent energy consultants that prove themselves, you may have an opportunity to sell additional utility saving services to your existing book of business. This is offered on a case by case basis and only to those who have closed deals.

Will I be able to submit for pricing requests online?

Absolutely! We provide you with access to our web portal which gives you the ability to upload your clients most recent utility bill, submit for a pricing request, and submit for agreement requests! The portal is mobile friendly – so whether you are out to dinner with friends and you close a deal with the restaurant owner, or you are hunting and closing deals – access to the most important documents are available right at your fingertips!

I have a book of business - will I have control over mils?

If you already have your own book of business, we may have a different program for you! Please complete your online profile, and complete all details pertaining to your book of business (just a couple of questions). A representative from GREENCROWN Energy will contact you directly to speak with you about a different option we may have for you and your book of business – including the possibility of controlling mils.


IF YOU DON’T HAVE A BOOK OF BUSINESS: You will not have control over mils. GREENCROWN Energy manages the purchasing of energy to ensure that the deals are closed. We are experts in securing the lowest possible rates the industry has to offer the best possible agreement terms and conditions. You are not paid based on mils. You are paid a flat annual fee front for each contract your sign.