Belleville, New Jersey – GREENCROWN Energy LLC, a full-service energy consulting company specializing in energy supply cost reduction and turnkey cogeneration systems development, was tapped by Avenue Stores, a leading plus size specialty retailer for women, to review and identify ways to lower its electricity rates in 180 shops.

“We’re known for our stylish fashions exclusively for plus size women, but our electric bills had become plus sized as well,” said David English, Vice President of Construction, Purchasing, Real Estate, & Risk Management at Avenue Stores. “So after interviewing a number of energy consulting firms, we selected GREENCROWN Energy to analyze our current electricity usage, and develop a comprehensive strategy for negotiating our energy rates much lower.”

GREENCROWN Energy LLC helped Avenue Stores LLC 'downsize' its energy bills.

GREENCROWN Energy LLC helped Avenue Stores LLC ‘downsize’ its energy bills.

According to English, after surprisingly little time, GREENCROWN Energy was successful in aggregating and leveraging Avenue Stores’ significant national volume not only state by state, but by utility provider as well. “As a result, they guaranteed a substantial minimum 7 percent reduction in our total electric outlay in all nonregulated states, and we couldn’t be happier,” he said.

Paul Errigo, Principal and Director of Business Development at New Jersey-based GREENCROWN Energy, says that more and more businesses like Avenue Stores are becoming painfully aware that the competitive electricity deals they struck just a few years ago may no longer contain good rates today. “Many companies are taking concrete action by contacting us to navigate the labyrinth of bureaucracies, fine contractual print and complex regulations on their behalf to sharply lower energy outlay.”

He encourages any business interested in lowering energy costs to do its homework before hiring an energy consulting company by asking the following three questions:

  • Does the energy consulting company have the expertise to properly review and interpret all existing and new agreements?
  • Can you truly trust it to negotiate and secure the lowest possible rates on your behalf?
  • And, finally, will any favorable agreement take into account all of your specific usage and energy needs?

“Many brokers claim they can lower energy costs, but as many companies find out the hard way, rates are just one piece of the puzzle,” Errigo said. “For example, most consultants and companies pay little or no attention to how a customer uses energy, the terms of the agreement, peak demands, bandwidth provisions and terminations. As a result, unfavorable contract terms can greatly diminish or completely offset any perceived energy savings.”

In the case of Avenue Stores, a leading plus size specialty retailer for women, serving trend right fashion apparel for every season under the Avenue brand. English believes that GREENCROWN Energy was successful because it was able to combine every nonregulated state location, including New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, into a single master agreement.

“They not only secured excellent rates for us, but negotiated extremely favorable contract terms on our behalf. We are very pleased with the results, and would recommend them to any national chain looking for an energy consulting company that delivers tangible cost-saving results,” he said.

For more information on how you can reduce your company’s electric bills, or for a free consultation, go to the GREENCROWN Energy website or call 877-308-2727.

This article originally appears on PRWeb.

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