Environmental Protection Agency's Combined Heat and Power Partnerships

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently recognized GREENCROWN Energy LLC – a full-service energy consulting company specializing in energy supply cost reduction and turnkey cogeneration systems development – for its ongoing efforts to improve the U.S. energy supply system by supporting combined heat and power (CHP).

“We’re proud to have been singled out for our work as part of the EPA’s CHP Partnership Program,” said Paul Errigo, director of business development for GREENCROWN Energy. “The EPA Partnership Program promotes the wide ranging advantages of converting to CHP technologies.”

According to the EPA, the use of cogeneration can achieve fuel use efficiencies of 60 to 80 percent, compared with a typical energy efficiency range of 45 to 55 percent. “Not only will businesses realize substantial cost savings, but the environment benefits from a drastic reduction of emissions considered responsible for greenhouse gases and other air pollutants,” Errigo said. “An increased, stabilized electricity supply means reduced grid congestion and lowered downside risk for power outages.”

As more businesses become aware of the cost efficiencies of CHP as a result of the EPA’s high profile Combined Heat and Power Partnership Program, conversion to cogeneration will continue to skyrocket, Errigo predicted.

“People are rapidly discovering that CHP technology is easy to install, cost effective and more affordable than ever,” he said. “Gone are the days when you needed a great deal of space for a cogeneration plant. Almost any building in the city already has enough space for a cogen plant without having to do any special modifications. With up to 65 percent energy cost savings and special incentive programs being offered by federal and state programs for converting to cogeneration, it’s a no-brainer.”

That’s why so many real estate property managers, engineers, property owners and facilities directors are calling GREENCROWN Energy on a daily basis, Errigo pointed out. “As soon as these professionals have done their own number crunching and looked at the ease of installation, reliability and cost savings of CHP, they are usually ready to make the switch to cogen,” he noted.

Errigo added that as part of the EPA Partnership Program on CHP technologies, GREENHOUSE Energy devotes a number of days each month to help shed light on cogeneration for interested businesses. “We’re happy to provide a comprehensive free consultation to people who want to find out if CHP is right for their operation or business,” he explained.

“Simply go to GreenCrownEnergy.com or call 877-308-2727 and we’ll be happy to fill anybody in on the exciting cogeneration details.”

If you are interested in getting a free cogeneration consultation from GREENCROWN Energy to learn more about how this technology can lower your energy costs while helping the environment, go to the GREENCROWN Energy website or call 877-308-2727.

This article originally appears on PRWeb.

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