Gold’s Gym Paramus recently announced the renewal of its electricity and gas contracts through GREENCROWN Energy Advisors. GREENCROWN is a leading, full-service advisory firm specializing in energy cost-reduction and turnkey conservation measures.

“We rely on and trust GREENCROWN Energy Advisors to educate and guide us in today’s ever-changing energy market,” noted Art Cahill, partner at Gold’s Gym Paramus. “We want to obtain cost-effective pricing, but we also know that the lowest price isn’t always the best deal. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes.

“GREENCROWN,” Cahill continued, “has always given us excellent energy advice — including pointing out a number pitfalls in our energy contracts about which we were unaware. We truly value GREENCROWN as a trusted energy partner for our business, and we highly recommend the company.”

Founded in 1992, Gold’s Gym Paramus is well-known regionally for offering a wide range of effective and fun fitness programs designed for people of all ages and fitness levels.
“In today’s growing fitness market, client needs and expectations are continually changing,” said Paul Errigo, director of energy projects at GREENCROWN Energy.

“As Gold’s Paramus has grown its business to successfully meet those changing expectations, its energy usage has increased. We’re proud to be tasked again with the responsibly of keeping the fitness facility’s long-term energy rates as low as possible by negotiating extremely advantageous electricity and gas contracts.”

Errigo observed that Gold’s Gym Paramus has been highly forward-thinking in terms of its energy needs. “Some companies try to take on the energy insiders themselves by negotiating their own electricity and gas contracts. All too often, however, these attempts result in less-than-favorable agreements that lock in the companies for years, and can ultimately cost a facility more money instead of saving them money.

“To its credit,” Errigo said, “Gold’s Gym Paramus decided to leave the art and science of energy contract negotiation to the experts at GREENCROWN. That frees Golds to focus on what it does best: help people reach their fitness goals at a state-of-the-art facility.”

One of the many major benefits of a properly negotiated energy contract is that it allows an organization like Gold’s Gym Paramus to more accurately forecast and budget for its electricity and gas needs. “We take the time to completely immerse ourselves in a client’s business so we have a total understanding of their energy usage,” Errigo said.

“Only then can we tailor a contract that truly meets the company’s long-term requirements, as well as give the company a competitive edge over the competition in terms of costs.”

In addition to negotiating electricity and gas contracts, GREENCROWN Energy is known for the following areas of specialization: lighting retrofits and replacements; demand response programs; HVAC optimization (including refrigeration, ECMs, unit replacement, VFDs, motors and BMS/EMS systems); renewable solar and geothermal services; and water treatment and conservation.

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GREENCROWN Energy is a nationally known, industry-diverse leader in turnkey energy conservation projects and advisory services for electric and gas procurement. Serving clients both locally and nationally, GREENCROWN provides concept-to-completion project management — including audit and survey, specification, financial analysis, labor and installation (union/nonunion), and rebate administration. GREENCROWN also provides financing and Power Purchase Agreements. The company is brand-agnostic (meaning it is not affiliated with any specific manufacturers), so it is always in the best position to offer the finest, most cost-effective products for any application. Furthermore, GREENCROWN Energy is known for its lighting retrofits and replacements, demand response programs, HVAC and refrigeration ECMs, unit replacement, VFDs, motors, emerging technology, BMS/EMS systems, and renewable (solar, thermal and geothermal) services.

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