According to GREENCROWN Energy Advisors, Retro Fitness in East Windsor, New Jersey recently announced savings of over 20% on their electricity bills.


Belleville, New Jersey.  July 27th 2016 — With summer in full swing, Retro Fitness owners are experiencing higher prices on their electricity bills, but that is not the case for Bob Haul, owner of Retro Fitness – East Windsor. Haul recently entered into an agreement through GREENCROWN Energy Advisors – a leading, full-service advisory firm specializing in energy cost reduction and turnkey conservation measures, that cut his electricity costs by 22%.


“Unfortunately, health club operators without expertly negotiated electricity and natural gas contracts saw energy price spikes of between 50 and 200 percent in January and February alone,” said Nick Papamichael, Chief Procurement Officer at GREENCROWN Energy, a preferred vendor of the Retro Fitness Franchise. “This highlights the importance of locking down attractive electricity and natural gas contracts, given the unpredictability of climate change and rising energy prices.”


“We rely on and trust GREENCROWN Energy Advisors to educate and guide us in today’s ever-changing energy market,” said Lori Haul, a partner at the East Windsor location. “We are very proud of our club, and we want to make sure that we keep our operating costs as low as possible so we can invest those savings into member services and GREENCROWN Energy helps us do that.”


Interest in the latest energy procurement programs from GREENCROWN Energy among Retro Fitness franchise owners, and the health club industry in general, has never been higher. “The last thing a health club owner should have to contend with are widely fluctuating and escalating energy prices,” said Papamichael. With Retro Fitness projected to grow to 300 locations within the next three years, Papamichael believes that keeping energy costs at a predictable price will be an important component to its success. “Retro Fitness has an amazing business model that offers the finest in health club facilities to the public at very affordable prices,” Papamichael added.


GREENCROWN’s Energy Advisors are happy to sit down with any health club and or business owner to show them exactly why having  cost-effective electricity and natural gas contracts firmly in place makes tremendous business sense.


GREENCROWN Energy, who provides energy advisory services for hundreds of health clubs nationwide, enjoys helping these businesses keep their bottom line in great shape through cost-effective energy procurement programs.


“Retro Fitness is helping to change people’s lives by offering wonderful services at affordable prices, and we’re proud to be their preferred vendor in the energy sector,” Papamichael added.


For more information about how to lower your company’s energy bills and to learn more about the multiple forms of energy procurement, contact an energy advisor by calling 877-308-2727 x 115.



GREENCROWN Energy Advisors is a nationally known, industry-diverse leader in advisory services for electric and gas procurement, and energy and water conservation measures.. Serving clients both locally and nationally, GREENCROWN Energy Advisors provides concept-to-completion project management — including audit and survey, specification, financial analysis, labor and installation (union/nonunion), and rebate administration.


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