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Why Join Our Firm?

Entrepreneurship at its finest...

Our sales opportunity is really quite simple: every business uses electricity and natural gas, making every business a prospective client. Yes, you’ll be your own boss…but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. Our firm is dedicated to supporting your incredible journey as an Energy Consultant through GREENCROWN. All you have to do is offer potential clients GREENCROWN’s array of cost-savings solutions, and just like’re earning money and building residual income!


Interested in learning a little bit more about this business opportunity? Join us for a free online orientation to gain more insight.

Information You'll Get at Orientation:

  • Personal Q&A w/ GCE Management
  • How much money you’ll make
  • Requirements for the opportunity
  • Tools provided by GCE
  • Reason to join / History of GCE

100% Up-Front Commission

We pay commission payments upfront, annually to you, allowing you the opportunity to maximize your earning potential.

Residual Income

We provide residual income on multiple-year agreements and renewal agreements. Build your salary over time!

Impeccable Reputation

20+ years of impeccable industry reputation and dedicated support staff to assist you with your needs as a consultant at GCE.

Dedicated Support Team

We provide you with a Regional Manager and access to a team of support members that will help you with closing deals.

Incentives & Bonuses

From the moment you join GREENCROWN you’ll have access to exclusive incentives and bonuses we offer to our independent Energy Consultants as a way to drive a little competition and help your business earn more money.

5 Ways We Help Your Business Grow

Additional Benefits to Becoming an Energy Consultant

States Served
Supplier Relationships
States Served


Reliable Transportation

Meeting with clients and closing deals with a handshake is part of this position. Access to reliable transportation will be a must!

Cell Phone / Tablet

From submitting requests for pricing to signing agreements, you’ll need a cell phone preferably a tablet as well, for all aspects of the sales process with GREENCROWN.

Lead Generation

Self-prospecting for your own leads will be critical to building your pipeline. Charisma, adaptability, and a strong desire to connect will go a long way!

Charisma & Autonomy

Your charisma and charm will go a long way when building relationships with your prospective clients.

Ability to Ask for the Sale

The ability to ask the customers for their business, and to have them sign a contract is crucial.  GCE will train on how to effectively close the deals and earn commission

Drive / Hunger

As a business owner, you have to be self-motivated and driven to get clients and close deals. How much you earn will be entirely up to you and your hunger!


energy consultant


Orientation is offered once or twice a week and only lasts 30 minutes. This is a great opportunity to learn more about how much money you can earn, the tools and training we provide, meet fellow prospective independent Energy Consultants, and a live Q&A session with GREENCROWN Management.


Complete your Profile

Getting started with the GREENCROWN independent Energy Consultant opportunity is easy. Simply start by completing a profile online.


Sign Independent Energy Consultant Agreements

After completing an online profile and attending an orientation, you will be emailed independent Energy Consultant agreements which includes: independent contractor agreement, non-compete, and W9.


Complete Training

You’ve created a profile, completed Orientation, and signed your agreements! Now you’re ready to complete training. Training lasts 1 hour and is mandatory to sell our energy services.


Begin Earning & Selling

After finishing your training you will be able to start selling, right away! You’ll be given access to the tools and resources you need immediately to close deals same day!

Start the journey to financial freedom. Become a GREENCROWN Energy Consultant Today!