Businesses that fail to properly plan for inevitable rising energy prices — or are forced to live with marginal or ill-advised electricity and gas procurement contracts — could lose substantial market share in the years to come, warned energy expert Nick Papamichael.

“The regrettable news is that those companies are going to have to pass their energy mistakes, which are avoidable, along to their customers in the form of higher prices — and that doesn’t help anyone,” he points out. “As electric and gas prices become increasingly burdensome for all types of businesses — from high-rise condominiums to grocery stores, hospitals and fitness clubs — it’s the consumer who winds up footing the bill or going to a competitor for better prices. That’s why now is the time to make a strong preemptive move by hiring an outside energy adviser who can help a business get ahead of economically devastating energy spikes in this fickle electric and gas environment.”

Three Common Mistakes That Can Doom an Energy Procurement Contract Before the Ink Has Dried

In the wake of one of the most severe winters ever recorded on the East Coast, there’s never been a better time for businesses to take stock of their energy outlay and strongly consider hiring an energy advisory company to help them assess their needs and lock in the best possible electric and gas rates for the long haul, he advises.

“That’s what we do on behalf of our clients at GREENCROWN Energy,” says Papamichael, an electric and gas procurement veteran with over 15 years of experience. “By helping our clients keep electric and gas rates down, they quickly discover they are in a much stronger position to retain a competitive upper hand by not having to pass along those increases to their clients.”

According to Paul Errigo, GreenCrown Energy’s director of business development and a sought-after industry speaker, “An increasing number of businesses have come to the wise realization that they simply don’t have the expertise or experience to successfully negotiate the nuances of today’s electric and gas contracts.

“Our clients are consummate experts in their field,” Errigo continues. “But to stay atop the volatile energy market? Well, that’s more than a full time job. And believe me, business owners never want to have to raise their prices because they failed to rein in energy rates when they had the chance. There’s currently a window for securing more favorable electric and gas prices, but that window may be shutting soon. The good news is by using an energy adviser like Green Crown Energy, companies can find themselves in the advantageous position of being able to pass along savings to their customers.”

As one Green Crown client recently put it, “Green Crown helped us keep our energy costs in line so we can realize tangible savings and also budget annually instead of having to fear sudden spikes in energy costs due to a cold winter or hot summer. Fixed pricing and great energy advice allows us to know we’ve budgeted our energy costs correctly, so it had no surprises. We’d much rather pass along those savings to customers or use them for other purposes, such as marketing, than be forced to raise our prices.”

“By asking a few questions of their energy advisers, a company can avoid common mistakes and secure electric and gas contracts that not only lock in the lowest possible rates for years, but allow a company to more accurately forecast its energy outlay,” Papamichael explains.

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