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Water Treatment Systems

Fluidyne Corp. has the technology and expertise to design, fabricate, construct and operate Water Treatment Plants such as Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTP). Our WTP technology centers on physical electronic sonic waves altering water contaminants. SONDAF combines sonic waves with diffused/dissolved air convection and floatation.

Wash Water Treatment System


Harvested carrots and onions have to be cleaned and prepared for packaging before distribution. The Ministry of Environment does not want waste water discharged into the nearby river, while the Ministry of Agriculture does not want products to be contaminated. These government agencies insisted on a solution that must meet their requirements.

The solution:

Fluidyne proposed a solution already used in the USA. This solution will ensure that water will be recycled, not discharged into the surrounding rivers and streams, as well as condition the solids so that they can be safely disposed or sold as compost. This solution addressed all of the government’s concerns.


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