Emerging Technologies / Data Collection & Metering

Deeper diagnostics that can provide life-saving financial results for a landlord or corporate occupant.

GREENCROWN Energy is revolutionizing the way energy is monitored in buildings by turning real-time circuit level energy readings into actionable insights. It becomes valuable on the personnel side when you have mobile or centralized maintenance, providing a steady diet of facts encouraging engineers to consistently tend to a property’s health. Here, the facts replace guesses.

In short, we’re an energy monitoring company, developing affordable energy solutions. That means we design and manufacture easy-to-install energy meters and sensors that work with our advanced energy management software and provide informed recommendations on reducing consumption.

Save Energy With Actionable Insights:

  • Monitor up to 48 circuits per machine, 1 minute variable data
  • 1 hour installation (per machine), ETL certified, cloud based
  • Eliminate the need for manual inspections
  • Daily energy audit in real-time
  • Compliment existing BMS controls
  • Decrease maintenance overhead, increase equipment working life
  • Engage occupants to reduce lighting and plug loads

 “Currently if there’s a spike in electricity, it might take us a couple of months to notice it in the bills, another several weeks to identify the sources, and then a week to correct it. With the Enertiv System we are able to identify anomalies in real-time as they happen, and minimize the adverse effects before bills are even affected.”

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