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So you’re looking for an energy upgrade path because someone has found that you’re spending atrocious amounts of energy in your building. Where do you start? What maximizes your returns in the shortest amount of time? Do you make a large capital investment into new HVAC equipment and hope that returns are high enough to not surpass your lease? Many owners and tenants think more minimalistic by retrofitting existing equipment and adhering to new, stringent maintenance standards to extend equipment life. But how long is that equipment expected to last? HVAC and lighting account for nearly 75% of your total energy expenditure as outlined by BOMA. Properly choosing an upgrade path for energy reduction in a new building should be based on risk assessment and proven returns. When considering energy savings in an existing building you have to look at several factors in ascending order, including:

  • Is the existing equipment too old to retrofit?
  • How efficient is the design of the HVAC system?
  • Can the existing equipment even be retrofitted for efficiency?
  • How is the equipment being controlled?

Of BOMAs thirty low cost, energy savings measures, twenty-five are directly related to proper equipment control. Simple strategies like load reduction and scheduling can save anywhere from 15-30% of your HVAC energy when properly implemented. If HVAC equipment consumes 75% of your total energy that means simple building automation reduction strategies could reduce your total energy bill up to 25%.

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