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Many of our health & fitness clients have recently been the target of a phone scam for energy supply.  The name of the company is _____, and they make it sound like they work directly for the local utility company by explaining about available incentives.  They record the phone call with anyone who answers the phone, and use it to enroll clubs without their written consent.  We will advise you of the name of the company and the details of the scam and how to advise your staff to be aware of this and to avoid complications. GREENCROWN Energy Advisors can also review your existing 3rd party supply contract(s) to make sure that all of the terms and conditions are legit, and we may be able to help you save money moving forward.


Hundreds of health clubs nationwide trust GREENCROWN Energy Advisors (GCE) to manage all of their energy needs.  GCE specializes in health & fitness energy supply, and our clients are confident that they secured the lowest energy prices the industry has to offer at the best agreement terms.  GCE is a trusted vendor for many health & fitness chains, saving significant amounts of money on utility bills.

Please call us at your earliest convenience to learn about the details and to see if we can benefit your club in any way.

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