Belleville, New Jersey — Even with warmer weather in the offing, many building owners continue to dig out financially from a historically cold winter that saw rising energy prices pummel profits. As a result, an increasing number of building owners in New York, New Jersey and elsewhere are actively seeking the advice of energy detectives — leading experts in the field, such as GREENCROWN Energy LLC — that provide a comprehensive review of their energy needs and offer new cutting edge programs to control runaway gas and electric bills.

Revolutionary new gas and electricity procurement programs, along with a number of attractive on-site cogeneration options, are the latest tools helping building professionals regain control of their energy outlay.

“Businesses are looking for every conceivable area in which they can cut costs and boost profits, and energy is one of the biggest culprits pressuring the bottom line these days,” said Paul Errigo, director of business development at Green Crown Energy. “One of the fastest and easiest ways to control commercial building energy costs is by hiring an energy broker to secure the lowest possible gas and electricity rates at the most favorable terms.”

Energy detectives help building owners stem tide of rising gas and electric prices in New York and New Jersey.

Energy detectives help building owners stem tide of rising gas and electric prices in New York and New Jersey.

Although deregulation has opened up the playing field, business people need to do their homework before selecting an energy consulting company, Errigo advised. “There are numerous energy brokers all claiming they can lower a company’s energy bills. The key, however, is finding an energy consulting company that will take the time to fully analyze the long-term energy needs of your building,” he pointed out. “Finding the ideal gas and electric program – and the best possible rates out there – requires time, expertise and excellent working relationships with local and national energy supply companies.”

Errigo believes it all begins with exhaustive energy detective work on behalf of the client. “Green Crown Energy, for example, is relentless in its efforts to provide commercial buildings with turnkey cogeneration energy systems and long-term energy procurement at the lowest possible rates,” he said. For some building owners, on site Cogeneration is the answer, enabling buildings to generate their own heating and cooling without any associated installation or maintenance costs. As Errigo explained, GREENCROWN ENERGY is a one-stop shop that can handle every Cogen detail for a customer, from engineering and design to financing and filing all of the necessary state and federal applications for grants and special incentive programs.

“Many of our clients are shocked by how easy and cost effective Cogen has become when administered by experts,” he said. “For example, most Cogeneration systems operate at about a 90 percent efficiency rate, compared with a 30 percent efficiency average for a traditional power plant. This results in substantial cost savings; reduced air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions; increased power reliability, standby power and quality; and many other huge advantages. And with our Power Purchase Agreement, building owners enjoy all of the benefits of Cogen without having to tap their own cash flow. They pay only for the energy they use.”

Green Crown Energy — a leading full-service energy advisory company specializing in energy supply cost reduction and turnkey cogeneration systems development — is offering free comprehensive evaluations for commercial building owners and management interested in drastically lowering their energy costs, Errigo said. For more information about how to lower your company’s energy bills today, including cogeneration (CHP) and multiple forms of energy procurement, contact an energy adviser at or call 877-308-2727 x 116.

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