On the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, Oct. 29, GREENCROWN Energy will launch a comprehensive “no fee” Cogeneration Awareness Program designed to provide in depth information about Cogen to interested building owners – with an emphasis on hospitals and high rise residential – in the New York and New Jersey areas.

According to GREENCROWN Energy expert Paul Errigo, the program is designed to “fill in the blanks” about Cogeneration and in very specific ways.

“All a property needs to do is invite us to review its current energy needs, and we’ll be happy to show them how Cogeneration would fit into both their business model in concrete ways” said Errigo, director of energy projects for GREENCROWN Energy LLC. “Sadly, in many instances, it was a case of ‘have and have not’ during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. It’s well chronicled that some hospitals relying on diesel-powered generators for backup power had to scramble to relocate patients as their generators failed. Hospitals with CHP, on the other hand, were in a much better position to continue providing patient care during the storm. The same was true of many high rise residential buildings for their tenants.”


Errigo believes that the lessons learned during Hurricane Sandy — including the over-reliance on diesel-powered generators — should not be forgotten. “That’s why we’re offering free, one-on-one Cogeneration Awareness meetings to building professionals who’d like to learn more about Cogeneration from all angles,” he explained. “That includes from a human life perspective, a cost savings point of view, available incentive programs, and the fact that Cogen is a proven and ‘green’ way to produce heat and cooling for a hospital – and other buildings.”

Cogeneration, also called Cogen or (CHP), enables properties to operate self-sufficiently, according to Errigo. Best of all, he pointed out, not only does Cogeneration slash energy costs by 40 to 60 percent, there are also attractive incentive programs being offered right now by the government that can cover over half of the costs of a COGEN system.

For GREENCROWN Energy, a full-service consulting company specializing in energy supply cost reduction and turnkey cogeneration systems development, helping hospitals and building owners understand the benefits of Cogeneration is not only a huge part of its business model, but the topic is also very personal.

“We all live in the New Jersey and New York surrounding areas, and we saw firsthand the devastation that power outages can have over an extended time,” Errigo explained. “Making ourselves available to share our knowledge about cogeneration with hospitals, healthcare operations and other buildings is one way of giving back to our community. Yes, we’ve always made ourselves available to speak at industry events and to meet with anybody who’d like the facts about Cogeneration, other energy conservation measures, and ways of procuring energy (energy procurement contracts). However, with the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy on the horizon, this is a good time to highlight the considerable benefits of Cogen.”

He added that GREENCROWN Energy currently offers programs that enable hospitals and healthcare facilities to have all of the Cogeneration power they need without having to spend a dime on installation, equipment or maintenance. “For example, we offer programs so a hospital pays only for the energy it needs at guaranteed discounted rates from 5 to 15% over five to 15 years,” he said. “Obviously, our clients can then use those monies for anything they want.”

Errigo concluded by citing a recent USA Today article that described how the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to acts of terror that could result in months of blackouts. “Certainly, there are many reasons why hospitals and healthcare buildings should take a very hard look at Cogeneration, and we’re here to answer any questions and provide a comprehensive Cogeneration game plan for their business.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the role CHP can play at your hospital or building, and to get a free Energy Usage Review and Consultation, contact an energy adviser at http://www.GreenCrownEnergy.com or call 877-308-2727.

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