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Testimonials and Results
Kurt Padavano, Chief Operating Officer at Advance Realty
“GREENCROWN Energy has been a valuable asset to Advance Realty Group because they truly understand how commercial real estate buildings utilize energy, and what is important for us when it comes to contract terms and conditions. Not only are they able to secure excellent energy rates for electricity and gas, but they have identified and negotiated some key terms and issues in the contracts with the supply companies that we may not have otherwise identified or deemed important. Their expertise has been invaluable, and we highly recommend them.”


One City Place
oneCityWorking closely with GreenCrown Energy during the entire electric procurement negotiation process was Baron Hazen, senior property manager at One City Place. “I was very impressed with the professionalism and expertise of the GreenCrown team, and how seamlessly we were able to transition from our previous consultant,” he said. “We were very pleased with the electric procurement contract they helped us negotiate, and the fact that we can now forecast the lowest possible electric costs — and not have to guess what we would have been spending in this market.”


House Foods
“For our business, it’s all about providing the highest quality of products and customer service to our clients, and Green Crown Energy obviously shares that approach to doing business,” said Alfred Young, accountant at House Foods. “We couldn’t be more pleased with their service and rates.”


“We’re known for our stylish fashions exclusively for plus size women, but our electric bills had become plus sized as well,” said David English, Vice President of Construction, Purchasing, Real Estate, & Risk Management at Avenue Stores. “So after interviewing a number of energy consulting firms, we selected GREENCROWN Energy to analyze our current electricity usage, and develop a comprehensive strategy for negotiating our energy rates much lower.” According to English, after surprisingly little time, GREENCROWN Energy was successful in aggregating and leveraging Avenue Stores’ significant national volume not only state by state, but by utility provider as well. “As a result, they guaranteed a substantial minimum 7 percent reduction in our total electric outlay in all nonregulated states, and we couldn’t be happier,” he said.


Margie Russel, Executive Director of the New York Association of Realty Managers
nyarm“It’s obvious that GREENCROWN Energy is at the forefront of cogeneration technology. Given the relevance of cogeneration in today’s business environment and certainly going forward, companies like GreenCrown Energy will play an increasingly important role in our industry.”


Evan Christou, President of Restaurant Operator’s Cooperative

“As ROC continues to grow and evolve, we are always seeking to align ourselves with companies that can help us grow and provide our members with great value,” said Evan Christou, president of ROC. “Green Crown Energy is certainly one of those companies, and the timing couldn’t be better given the impact of energy prices these days.”


Gregory Matthews, Owner of Hibernia Diner


“GREENCROWN Energy helped me negotiate the best rates and terms for my energy contracts.  They made me feel extremely comfortable throughout the entire process.  I highly recommend them to all Pan Gregorian Members and others who are looking to save money on their energy costs.”


Joseph K. Robles, General Partner at Robles Realty LP

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