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We're more than just another energy "broker"...

GREENCROWN Energy, and energy consulting firm, was founded as Eastern Energy Group in 2007 by its Chief Procurement Officer, Nick Papamichael, who has over 20 years of experience in the energy trading market. In 2011, the name was changed to GREENCROWN Energy as the company expanded to additional deregulated markets throughout the US and additional talent management were added to the team. Today, GREENCRROWN Energy is a state of the art energy consulting firm and is licensed in over 20 markets for electricity and natural gas procurement, helping commercial properties nationwide drive down their energy costs and utility expenses.

Headquartered in New Jersey, but we have offices across the nation!


Our company brings decades of energy experience and money-saving energy options under one roof to best suit your energy needs and budget.


Licensed in ALL Deregulated States

  • All Deregulated Markets

    GREENCROWN has licenses in all deregulated markets in North America.

  • All Energy Suppliers

    We have long-standing relationships with all energy and natural gas suppliers across the nation, offering you the best rates possible.

  • Terms & Conditions Experts

    We go beyond negotiating for just rates…we look at key contract terms and conditions and negotiate those for your company as well!

  • Analysis & Reporting

    We analyze our clients’ utility bills to ensure accuracy in billing, pricing, and consumption.

Our Suppliers

Client Testimonials

Alfred Young

Accountant - House Foods

"For our business, it's all about providing the highest quality of products and customer service to our clients, and GREENCROWN Energy obviously shares that approach in doing business. We couldn't be more pleased with their service and rates."

Kurt Padavano

Chief Operating Officer

"GREENCROWN Energy has been a valuable asset to Advance Realty Group because they truly understand how commercial real estate building utilizes energy, and what is important for us when it comes to contract terms and conditions. Not only are they able to secure excellent energy rates for electricity and gas, but they have identified and negotiated some key terms and issues in the contracts with the supply companies that we may not have otherwise identified or deemed important. Their expertise has been invaluable, and we highly recommend them."

Robbie Sprechman

Chief Financial Officer - Retro Fitness

"GREENCROWN has been an extremely valuable vendor of ours for many years. They will work with all of our franchisees to control their energy costs and consumption. They are our only approved vendor for energy, and we get nothing but compliments and praise from everyone about them. They are a true asset to us as a franchisor."


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