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GREENCROWN Energy (GCE) is a full service, energy services company.  We are committed to providing your business with the most viable energy solutions at the lowest possible cost.

As a turnkey supplier, we offer:

  • Energy Assessment
  • Energy Procurement
  • Energy Engineering
  • Cogeneration Systems
  • Grants and Incentives
  • Volume Driven Rate Bids With Various Suppliers
  • Price Protection With Various Terms
  • Options to Reduce Actual Kilowatt Consumption

By managing a competitive process for your company through our proprietary STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIP PRICING (SRP) among multiple reputable suppliers, we are able to secure the best possible market rates for electricity. We personally engage these companies and negotiate the best prices the industry has to offer – and more importantly – at the Best Possible Contract Terms!

GREENCROWN Energy’s unique ability to negotiate the best possible rates for Energy Procurement coupled with GCE’s outstanding ability to analyze and determine deficiencies as well as estimate cost of installation versus ROI gives GCE clients opportunities and options no other energy company can provide.

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