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Our company brings decades of energy experience and money-saving energy options under one roof to best suit your energy needs and budget.

GREENCROWN Energy is a full service, turnkey energy firm specializing in delivering the most viable and cost effective energy solutions to commercial properties nationwide, including energy procurement and a full array of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM’s) with a specialization in Cogeneration, a.k.a. Combined Heat and Power (CHP). We are official partners of the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Combined Heat & Power (CHP) Partnership.



GCE is unique among competitors because we provide expertise is areas where our competition in lacking. Most of our competition consists of engineers, equipment manufacturers, and mechanical contractors. Although brilliant in their areas of expertise, many are lacking in others areas which are vital to a managing and delivering a turnkey project.


The GCE team consists of seasoned business executives, investment bankers, energy experts, construction and project management experts, and experienced energy engineers and installers. We partner with the best and most experienced engineering firms and contractors in the industry. We deliver turnkey solutions to properties in all areas of energy project development, including: qualification, identifying and obtaining government incentives, feasibility analysis, design, build, financing, power purchase agreements, commissioning, monitoring, and servicing. Our clients enjoy a single reliable, experienced, and professional source for all of their energy project needs.


GCE is manufacturer agnostic, meaning that we have no allegiance to any one particular manufacturer of cogeneration systems. We ensure through our analyses that we are recommending and installing the most applicable, effective, and efficient system and equipment for each individual property and project. Every project is unique, and we determine equipment based on energy usage, waste heat optimization, footprint, budget, and many additional factors that influence which equipment we recommend. This is yet another significant advantage we have over our competition.

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We earn our clients’ long-term trust by asking the right questions, discovering their “true objectives”, and working with them to create, implement, and operate the most advanced Renewable Energy Technologies in the market today. Our goal is to deliver cost-saving solutions that satisfy immediate and long-term energy objectives, while solidifying their footprint in the green energy marketplace.


We are experts in lowering energy costs by understanding and taking advantage of the many state and federal financial incentives available in the green energy sector. We match the programs available with our clients’ needs, and in many cases deliver long-term solutions with an immediate positive cash flow, with little to no up-front investment.


We provide project development including: energy evaluation, design, engineering, financial guidance and financing, project management, construction, monitoring, and maintenance for projects both large and small. We are truly a turn-key solution for any organization interested in saving money and taking advantage of the most efficient and effective energy solutions available today.


For properties who qualify, we will engineer, design, install, and operate a cogeneration system in your facility for FREE! You’ll gain all the benefits of having a Cogeneration system on your property, without the investment. How? If you agree to purchase all of the energy produced by your Cogeneration System for 10 – 15 years, we can GUARANTEE you will save 10-15% on your energy bills for the entire term of the Power Purchase Agreement.

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