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As a trusted, industry-leading, one-stop-shop for your energy needs, we can help you see substantial savings on your yearly energy bill, with a custom-fit COGEN system and/or reduced rate energy procurement.

GREENCROWN Energy is a full service, energy services company, specializing in custom, turnkey Cogeneration Systems and Energy Procurement. We’re committed to providing your business with the most viable energy supply at the lowest possible rate, with the best contract terms. We offer: 

Energy Procurement through our proprietary Strategic Relationship Pricing (SRP)

We are in a unique position to negotiate the best possible rates for Energy Procurement for our Clients. This, coupled with our outstanding ability to analyze and determine deficiencies, as well as estimate cost of installation versus ROI, gives GCE clients opportunities and options no other energy company can provide. By managing a competitive bidding process for your company among multiple reputable suppliers, we can secure the best possible market rates for electricity. Learn more.

Cogeneration Systems

With the cost of energy continually on the rise, many commercial building owners are opting to install a COGEN (Combine electricity and heat) system which produces electricity for the building, and uses the heat by-product to heat the building, with the addition of a chiller to cool in the summer months. Learn more.

A FREE Energy Assessment can help you get the lowest price on energy supply.

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Call us! 1-877-308-2727