Cogeneration and Energy Procurement Specialists

Healthcare and Nursing Homes. Learn more about how cogeneration can reduce your facility operation costs.
Manufacturing. Cogeneration works hand-in-hand with manufacturing plants to reduce the amount of carbon emissions while increasing system efficiency.

High-rise Residential. Save money year after year on the operation costs of high rises and large residential facilities.
Hospitality and Hotels. Cogeneration is the perfect solution to help reduce the operation costs of large hotels and hospitality facilities.


GREENCROWN Energy is a full-service, nation-wide energy services company.

We specialize in providing everything needed to power commercial buildings with turnkey Cogeneration energy systems and long-term Energy Procurement at the lowest possible rate.

We’re experts in key industries that impact energy prices –  a rarity among energy companies – and we also have strong strategic relationships with leading energy supply companies. With multiple services under one umbrella, we are a one-stop-shop for everything from qualification to maintenance.

With more than fifty years of business and energy experience, our management team has a unique understanding of how energy market expenses impact your bottom line, and how to give you the right system to minimize your costs.

First Class Resource Partnerships:

We’ve partnered with industry-leading companies who are experts in their fields to deliver the most experienced and effective solutions to our clients. Companies such as:

  • Energy Concepts – Quality Engineers with over 80 Cogeneration projects to their name.
  • DLB Associates Consulting Engineers – Specialists in Data Centers and Mission Critical Facilities, with 4 Patents for Google Data Center, among others.
  • Dainkin Mckway – Manufacturer of heating, ventilitating, air conditioning, refrigeration, and building management equipment and systems.
  • D&B Engineering Contractors – Commercial, Industrial and Residential Equipment distributors.

Our Energy Procurement team has secured the lowest possible rates available with the most favorable terms for hundreds of companies nationwide, including large national retail chains, franchisors/franchisees, and local restaurants. We’ve had tremendous success with companies of all sizes.

Our services include:

  • Energy Procurement
  • Cogeneration Development
  • Project Development and Management
  • Finance and Power Purchase Agreements

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Take a minute to review our website, then call us if you have questions about how we can help you save money on your commercial energy bills. We offer a FREE, professional evaluation of your energy needs and cost-saving solutions.

We are truthful, open and honest in our proposals and negotiations. Rest assured that you will be in the best service of our experienced professionals.

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